This site is an ongoing portfolio that will provide samples of my journalism work — from my graduate studies and hopefully beyond — as well as other writing works, such as short stories, scripts and multimedia narratives.

I’m a writer and freelance journalist with degrees in filmic writing (screenwriting) and journalism, both from the University of Southern California.

My journalism interests have no bounds, but I’ll tend to gravitate to stories in popular culture, sports, cuisine and entertainment. My screenwriting work is more comedic than dramatic. I’m a fan of character-driven stories, romantic dramedies and bromances; I worship Cameron Crowe.

Seattle is my hometown but I also consider myself an Angeleno. When I’m not writing screenplays or reporting, I enjoy spending time with my fiancee, watching cooking shows, playing the drums, rooting for my hapless Seattle sports teams, and blogging, of course.

It’s all a work in progress, so stick around and follow the developments.