Write Into the Wild

by journojames on February 28, 2012

Photo by JournoJames

I attended a seminar a few weeks ago after work about how to launch a career in freelance journalism. It was held at Annenberg for graduate journalism students and was hosted by a couple of my former instructors. The event was well-intended but disappointing; it really wasn’t that helpful.

I was hoping for some practical insights and tools to help me successfully navigate my way into the wild and crazy world of freelance, but the only message that was really delivered throughout the meeting was: keep writing and producing. That was it. That’s probably true, but not insightful.

So, while I try to figure out how best to get into freelancing, while self-producing as much as I can, I’ll begin posting up my work from journalism school. This way, at least, I’ll start getting my writing out to the world while I figure out the focus of the this blog.

More to come. Stay tuned.

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