Why I am a journalist…

by journojames on January 21, 2012

Originally published Aug. 25, 2010

I’m a journalist because I want to be the best storyteller I can be.

News may be important but it doesn’t mean anything to me if it fails to connect. People, places, events, things, this, and that – so what? Why should I care? I want journalism to offer me the opportunity to explore the minutia of information so I can learn and find that emotional connection that will make me care.

The best storytellers connect with you emotionally. They also connect with you intellectually. In the end, I hope journalism reveals the world in colors and tones I have never seen or heard before, so as a journalist, I’ll be able to translate these brand new sights and sounds into stories that will connect and offer better understanding, of not only the crazy world we live in, but perhaps even how we all fit into it.

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