California Democrats Win with Concern

by journojames on January 19, 2012

Originally published Nov. 7, 2010

L.A. County Democratic Party, Election Night, Photo by JournoJames

HOLLYWOOD – Voters gathered at the Los Angeles County Democratic Party were in a celebratory mood Tuesday night watching early returns project victories for California incumbent Senator Barbara Boxer and gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown.

However, the national news that the Democratic Party would lose the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives after this midterm election, did give some in the crowd a moment of concern before they focused back on to the local issues and races.

Watching Election Returns, Photo by JournoJames

“I’m worried but there’s nothing we can do about that now,” said Jeff Roth, 57, a life-long Democrat, in reference to news about the Republican wins.

Roth wanted to move on and hoped that Boxer and Brown could soon get to work on fixing California’s education system and help people find work.

Many of those that gathered in the main ballroom at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood for the loud, spirited evening identified the current dismal economic state and unemployment as the most important issues both Boxer and Brown must work to fix.

“I think we need to stop sending jobs overseas and create jobs in state,” said Melody Godinez, 24, who is currently unemployed. She also noticed the Republican gains. “It looks like we’re going to lose the House. I hope we can keep the Senate.”

Renaissance Hollywood Hotel, Photo by JournoJames

There were lots of cheering and laughter among the crowd as live Latin-flavored music played through the early evening of election returns.

But there was also a quiet notice by the Democrats at the gathering of all the Republican victories across the country, giving them even more reason to celebrate the projected California victories by the Democratic Party.

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